STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking

STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking

Design Thinking


I firmly believe that each person has the potential to become a better version of themselves if you have the tools to develop your innovative and entrepreneurial mindset.

Through the STUDIO.WHY methodology (born in the Netherlands in 2014), this is within reach. Through these interventions the mindset of an entrepreneur and design thinking meet and so starts the unlocking of your talent.

As a STUDIO.WHY South Africa Design Thinking Facilitator, I help companies, teams and individuals to implement the mindset, process, tools and technique into their daily work, where the complex-problem solving potential of Design Thinking transforms cultures from operational to innovational excellence.

Facilitation is customised for each client and could be anything from a short workshops and Design Sprint (8-30 hours over a period of 3 weeks) to a complete Transformational Programs that take time but include training, workshops and/or Design sprints

All sessions are remote.




Consulting happens when you need an objective eye to what is happening in your business with specific solutions to pressure points and challenges.

Let’s say your new arrival guest are regularly having to wait for rooms that are not ready at the normal check in time.

What is going wrong?

I’ll start by spending some time with the housekeepers. While chatting I’m observing and getting a deeper understanding of what they are doing, how they are doing it and what they have to do it with.  In these situations, small snags often become bigger issues that hamper productivity and cause frustrations on various levels. During normal operations very few people have the time to delve deeper into their own Standard Operating Procedures and are often surprised when they discover the difference between what they assumed was happening and what is actually happening.

I also look at other departments to see if the collaboration between them might be adding to the trouble.

Through the above process I will then identify key points that need attention and either coach you and your team to help find the solutions or supply training that will help solve the identified problems.

This is all done from the baseline of we can all learn from each other; we just need to feel safe enough to share ourselves




Workshops Offered:

Personal Workshops | Group Workshops

Personal Workshops

We get so busy planning our businesses and where we want to go with it, that we forget that we need to do some exploring into ourselves.

One-on-One workshops unpack where you find yourself. Then we explore the WHERE and HOW.

Group Workshops

Bespoke Workshops for you and your team can be designed based on your unique needs and outcomes.

All workshops are online using Zoom and/or MIRO.




As a Shadowmatch Habits Reconstruction Coach


I know that if you want a better life, you need to change your habits. Guided by the highly sophisticated AI system, I will help you reconstruct your habits for a more meaningful future.

All coaching sessions are remote/ virtual, and you will receive your tasks via email. 


Why Shadowmatch?

Shadowmatching is a powerful tool for personal development because it can help us to understand and heal the parts of ourselves that are holding us back. By identifying our shadow patterns, we can start to make conscious choices about how we want to live.

There are many different ways to practice shadowmatching. One common approach is to journal about our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. As we write, we can pay attention to any recurring patterns that emerge. For example, do we often find ourselves procrastinating? Do we have trouble setting boundaries? Do we tend to be self-critical?

Coaching Programs Offered:

Fulfilment Coaching | Career Coaching

Fulfilment Coaching

Life is more complex, demanding, faster and we are under more pressure than ever before. If you’re asking yourself if there is more to life that this, you’re where many people are finding themselves.

R 750 / $40 per session

What is Fulfilment Coaching?

Fulfillment coaching with regards to shadowmatching can help you to identify and change your shadow patterns in order to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Shadow patterns are hidden patterns of behavior that are often unconscious and sabotaging your goals and happiness. They can be formed in childhood, as a way of coping with difficult experiences or adapting to a dysfunctional family environment.

Shadowmatching is a powerful tool for personal development because it can help you to understand and heal the parts of yourself that are holding you back. By identifying your shadow patterns, you can start to make conscious choices about how you want to live.

Career Coaching

The world is changing at a rate that has most of us spinning to keep up and figure out where we fit into the world.

Regardless of your age, experience, or education you will need to reassess and plan where you are, where you need to be and how you are going to get there in your career.

We use the Shadowmatch Career Report to guide us in exploring and researching your options based on your unique habits.

R 750 / $40 per session

What happens in Career Coaching?

“All coaching starts with a Discovery Session where we chat about where you are and where you would like to be and how we are going to make that happen.”


Start your journey to a more fulfilling life with a Discovery Chat today!