Design Thinking


I firmly believe that each person has the potential to become a better version of themselves if you have the tools to develop your innovative and entrepreneurial mindset.

Through the STUDIO.WHY methodology (born in the Netherlands in 2014), this is within reach. Through these interventions the mindset of an entrepreneur and design thinking meet and so starts the unlocking of your talent.

As a STUDIO.WHY South Africa Design Thinking Facilitator, I help companies, teams and individuals to implement the mindset, process, tools and technique into their daily work, where the complex-problem solving potential of Design Thinking transforms cultures from operational to innovational excellence.

Facilitation is customised for each client and could be anything from a short workshops and Design Sprint (8-30 hours over a period of 3 weeks) to a complete Transformational Programs that take time but include training, workshops and/or Design sprints

All sessions are remote.