When COVID hit, my Mom said:

“Now, you are going to really see the people around you”

At first, I didn’t get it. But during those crazy months that followed, her words rang true.

Some folks who should have stepped up, went quiet. Others we thought were rock-solid fell apart. Some people got angry or gave up altogether.

It was confusing, frustrating, and sad.

But then there were others who quietly stepped in to help. They innovated, solved problems, and supported those in need.

Suddenly, people who weren’t usually in the spotlight became our guides and heroes.
We started leaning on people we might not normally have, for support. Contacts and colleagues turned into friends and became part of support structures.

We figured out who we could really count on, both personally and professionally. And sometimes, those were different people for different situations.

Now, three years later, it feels like we’re in the middle of another shift.

The world wants to go back to how things were, but for many of us, that’s just not possible anymore.

At a recent dinner, we were talking about how much everything has changed. When I said that COVID felt like a hard reset, someone disagreed and said, “I think it’ll take more than a pandemic to change things.”

I was stunned. But later, as I lay in bed, I realized that we all experience the world in different ways.

Where some of us experienced lock down as a forced holiday with barely any loss of income, others experienced our entire world being shattered and tilted on its axis.

Personally, I had some major paradigm shifts that turned my worldview upside down.

But I was lucky to have superheroes in my life who helped me through it. We were able to support each other, even though we were all going through different things.

I’m so grateful for the tools and lessons I’ve learned, and for the chance to grow both personally and professionally.

Things still get wobbly sometimes, but I feel stronger than ever. And most importantly, I have a tribe of people I can count on.

Ubuntu says:“ I am because you are”

For me, this means that I’m not alone.

… and neither are you.

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