“My energy is not enough. I’m under pressure and can’t depend on my team. I get frustrated when I have to explain things over and over again to my team.”

In recent heart-to-heart conversations with bosses, a common thread emerges – a sense of overwhelm, frustration, and the solitary struggle against challenges. Simultaneously, their teams appear hesitant, lacking innovation, tethered by fear, succumbing to complacency, or adrift in ambiguity about expectations. I’ve seen teams wait for the boss to make suggestions even though they’ve got plenty of experience and ideas but they are, for whatever reason, reluctant to put themselves out there.

This misalignment creates a rift, disrupting the vital trust needed for a harmonious workplace. It’s a universal challenge; everyone, regardless of their role, grapples with challenges, expectations, and the quest for genuine happiness.

To untangle this complex weave, when working with a team, I initiate intimate one-on-one sessions. It’s a plunge into the intricate tapestry of emotions, histories, cultural-, professional-, and personal habits, and experiences that often hinder genuine understanding. In the ebb and flow of everyday busyness and emotions, meaningful dialogues are often scarce. These conversations allow us to reach into the individual and very often come back with really great ideas that they just need a bit of courage and support to put into action

Beneath the surface, the real problems are often modest issues that have stacked up over time, transforming into formidable barriers. This cycle, a vortex of challenges and frustrations, persists amidst the daily crises, creating discord in the workplace.

A Weighted Concern:

One pressing concern echoes in the minds of many bosses – the fear of wasted time and effort. Entrusting a task to the team, only to find it incomplete or not meeting the desired standard, can be disheartening. It triggers the sentiment of, “I might as well have done the job myself, doing it right the first time.”

One of the simplest places to start understanding where this systemic failure has it all going wrong is to investigate your company’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Are they in place? Implemented effectively? Do they provide the clarity your team needs? SOPs are part of a solution that helps manage expectations, give understanding and guidance, and ultimately build confidence in your team, allowing you to trust that they know what they need to do and how they need to do it.

Breaking the Cycle:
    • Bosses need introspection. Do you have the support, skills, and habits needed to deal with the pressure you are feeling?
    • Take a good, hard look at your expectations. Are they realistic and communicated effectively? How can you encourage your team to actively contribute their insights and ideas, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation?
    • Does the team possess the necessary skills and experience to meet these expectations? What proactive steps can be taken to enhance their skills and empower them to excel?
    • Is the space you are holding for your team conducive to them asking for help and guidance without judgment or retribution? How can you create an environment that not only supports but also encourages individual and collective growth?
    • Are SOPs fit for purpose, and is someone actively seeking more efficient alternatives? Recognise that well-implemented SOPs are a cornerstone in avoiding the fear of wasted time and effort, providing the clarity your team needs.

The key lies in breaking free from the loop. It involves boss self-care, recalibrating expectations, empowering and upskilling the team, and ensuring the basics are in place like efficient SOPs. Clear communication and effective implementation are pivotal.

A Starting Point, Not the Destination:

Recognise that there’s no one-size-fits-all remedy. Consider this as a guide—a launching pad on the path to a more harmonious and productive work environment. Each workplace is distinctive, confronting diverse challenges. Personalised strategies and continuous efforts are essential, tailored to the unique dynamics of each workplace.

Most importantly, realise it’s an ongoing process, much like washing dishes. Just when you’ve got everything nice and clean, it’s time for the next meal, and you have to start all over again.

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