It’s really hard for me to “sell” myself and what I do.

The funny part is that I have no problem talking to others about things I’m passionate about… for others. But when it comes to putting myself out there, it feels like a mountain I just don’t know how to start climbing.

The path seems littered with limiting beliefs, doubts, imposter syndrome, and stories that I tell myself, all of which makes this one of the biggest obstacles for growing my business.

While trying to understand what is really going on, I was chatting with my Dad the other day.

While I was growing up, my Father was an insurance salesman. He told me a story about a new recruit that had to go and see a client one evening.

My father happened to be driving past, and he watched the young recruit pull up in front of the potential client’s house. The house was dark with no visible sign of life.

The young recruit sat in the car staring at the dark house for a while before starting the vehicle and pulling out of the driveway.

My father pulled up next to him and asked him what he was doing. He replied that the house was dark and it didn’t look like anyone was there.

My father told him to go back to the house and knock on the door.

Reluctantly the young recruit got out of the vehicle and knocked on the door….

….the door was opened, and he ended up writing a big policy that earned him a good commission.

The lesson for me has two parts:

First, I can’t decide for others if they are available or not. I have to knock on the door. If they are ready, they will let me and my message in.

Second, I need to have the courage to get out of the car. If I don’t get out of the car, I will never know if someone was, in fact, waiting in the house for me.

I’m not there yet, but this story resonated in a way that will definitely be part of my journey in the future.

In which driveway are you sitting, wondering whether you should be knocking on the door?


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