During the 2021 Christmas break, I was watching Marius Swart use a grinder. This is a piece of machinery that clearly needs some level of skill to cut through metal, cement, and other surfaces.

I asked him who taught him to operate a grinder and he replied that he used to watch his dad many years ago. He also learnt some lesson on his own on the way.  Since there was no blood, I’m guessing that he must be doing something right, especially since the task he set out to do, was getting done.

I noticed that he was holding the tool in a certain way to cut through the metal, but sometime, because he was working in a space with funny angles, he had to turn the tool the other way or use a different angle.

This made me think of the tools that we have in our own lives.  Things that we use to get us through our challenges and that help us make our lives easier.

Are we using these tools properly? Are we using them at all?

When we do use them, do you only use them as intended or to we sometimes push outside our own comfort zones to challenge the rules and use the tool at a different angle to get a better result?

Over the last year I’ve acquired a few new tools from software to methodologies to apps that I’m still learning how to use.

I’m realising that we all have a framework but getting the best out of that tool in the context that you are operating only depends on how you apply it. It also takes practice. The better you know the tool the easier it is to get creative.

If you don’t have the tools, then find it, they are out there. Sometimes it’s simply a question of keeping an open mind and saying yes to something that comes your way, even if you don’t know exactly where it will fit into your life at that time.

If you don’t have it, I hope you find it.  When you do, may it lead you to discovering new frontiers.