“I’m not sure if you realise, but every time you open your mouth a key comes out”

While sitting in her mother’s kitchen after a very successful food demonstration and Heritage Day celebration, Claudia Thage and her sister Cindy from @Sistaskitchenrescue and I were chatting about their vision.

When she made her statement towards me, I was momentarily stunned. Now that I’ve had a few days to process, I realise that this comment captures something that has been in my mind a long time.

I’m so grateful that Claudia would say something like this but also that she would realise that the chats we’ve had over the last few weeks is just that…

…a key

And the thing with a key is that it doesn’t work on its own, no matter how beautiful or fancy. For that door to be unlocked you must turn the key. 

You must take action.

If you don’t, that door stays closed.

I’ve met some interesting people in my life but have been particularly lucky the last few years to meet some truly unique individuals.  People who come from rural and impoverished backgrounds that have repeatedly taught me many life lessons.  Who have shown me that even with the little bit that they have, they are proud, hopeful and above all are not afraid to share their love.

They often have a dream and while most of them don’t have the resources, education, or networks to make it big time, they keep hustling. They work with what they’ve got, and they don’t give up.

I regularly find myself sitting on a plastic chair in the dirt outside a house with no electricity or running water and listen to people talk passionately about the big dreams they have but with no clue how or where to start.

And so, the keys…

Sadly, many people don’t know what they don’t know… who of us do? This is where the magic happens. It always starts with someone reaching out.  Someone picking up the phone and asking for help.

For me this is what makes all the difference. When you understand that you can’t sit and wait for someone to come and save you, that you will need to stand up on your own.

When you ask for one thing because you think it’s what you need but are still open to listen and learn and when you see that key to grab it with both hands.

Then it’s easy to help. My good friend Lisa Martus from Ribola Art route says: “Put energy where there is energy already”

That inner spark, that ability to not give up no matter what the circumstances are is something that money can’t buy, and nobody can create it for you.

You have to do it yourself.

Go ahead, turn the key.