This morning I had a virtual coaching session scheduled with a client. 

When we started, he warned me that they were experiencing a hectic thunderstorm and that he might have a power out.

We decided to push ahead and continue the session with the thunder rumbling in the background and the lighting flashing on the wall behind him.

The next moment, exactly what he warned about happened. He disappeared off the screen… No power.

A few minutes later he came back and, with wide eyed awe, said that as he was putting the power back on, on the electrical board the lighting hit it out again. A frighting and potentially life-threatening experience!

We then decided to bow to the power of the storm and instead of coaching would take this unexpected free time to sit quietly and watch the spectacle of Nature reiterate the things that are truly important.

As I live on the other side of the country, there was not storm for me, but I realised the gift of this unexpected time to reflect to recalibrate. To see the bush around me, to hear the birds, to feel the wind and sun against my skin.

I ignored my phone, got a cup of coffee, and revelled in where I found myself this very moment.

Suddenly my day looks different, I feel calmer and more grounded.

Be in the moment.

Shut up so you can really listen to what the universe is trying to teach you.