About Me

About Me

Hi I’m Marilda…


Let’s Talk Tourism – You are not your business.


Tourism Folk are unique. It takes a special kind of person to operate within the relatively informal Industry that is a small Tourism business.  We are stubborn, independent and often don’t want people telling us what to do. At the same time, we are deeply passionate about our guests, our staff and more often than not go the extra mile for little or no reward, never mind a good review.

In the corporate world there are structures and fancy words that make big organisations tick over. In a small business, where you are often the person who makes the reservations, cooks the eggs while still doing your own Marketing there is very little time for fancy words.  You need understanding and solutions while also being reminded that you are not your business.

I am ready to help.


Let me give you an example of what I mean.

For many years you’ve been in a different Industry earning a living. You might have studied and have a solid education behind you in a specific field.  Now, for whatever reason, you’ve decided that you want to come into Tourism.  Maybe it’s been brewing in your heart of hearts for a long time or maybe you’ve reached retirement age and you think that a little Bed and Breakfast in a beautiful area sounds like to perfect retirement job. After all you can’t just sit around doing nothing until you die, can you?

Although you have life skills, and have already made a success of your “previous life” you are now starting in an industry that, although you understand the bigger picture, you’ve never had to deal with the actual nuts and bolts of what it takes to run a Tourism Business. 

You don’t have the time or inclination to study Tourism or Hospitality, and you’ve done some research and think you’ve got a pretty good understanding of what is needed to run a successful business.

And you take the leap!

Then you start running into snags.  You and your staff are not understanding each other.  The guests are not what you expected or require more than what you thought. You’re struggling with suppliers while still trying to get bums in beds by yourself. You’re getting pressure from friends and family as you are spending many weird hours at your business. Weekends, Public Holidays, birthdays don’t exist as that is when your business are at its busiest.

Your business is doing ok or even great. You come up with plans that sort of work, but you can’t seem to get it running seamlessly. It feels like your attention is constantly needed to not have things go to pieces.

As you keep fighting on you don’t even think that there might be someone out there who can give you a hand. Besides you don’t have the money to pay a fancy corporate Consultant to help you out.

I’m hearing you.

 I know how you need someone you could talk to about your challenges, your frustrations. Someone who could help you see the wood for the trees. Someone who can hold space for you while you work through your own thoughts. Someone who can help guide you with a deep understand of the toll that the Tourism Industry takes on you as a person, you as family member, you as a business owner and you as a boss. 

You don’t need a course; you need help with very specific issues.

Transitioning from your “previous life” to what is now demanded of you (and what you are demanding from yourself) is often more of a challenge than you realise. 

Whether you are advanced in years and experience or just starting out, some of the above will undoubtably resonate with you.

You are not alone.

That’s where I come in, I hold space.  Sometime more, sometimes less but always with honesty and support for where you are right now. We can all learn from each other; we just need to feel safe enough to share ourselves.

And I help you find that space.

It’s not a destination. It’s about navigating wherever you are in your journey right now. It’s about working through the muck.

How can I help you right now?