Living in Greater Kruger Park means we’re in a constant battle with those cheeky monkeys trying to sneak into the house. My husband’s love for wide-open windows doesn’t make it any easier.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to tuck everything out of their reach, we mess up. A forgotten jar on the counter or letting the dishes pile up can lead to unexpected monkey encounters.

Lately, these crafty monkeys found a way in through a tricky window, no matter how hard I tried to secure the place. This usually ends with a mess of spoiled food and, well, some smelly and unpleasant surprises – not the ideal start to the day.

Last night, I tried to outsmart them by securing the scullery and windows, leaving only the stoep windows open. It was a scorching day, and I hoped for a cool breeze during the night.

But imagine my surprise when I heard a commotion in the kitchen just before sunrise. Rushing to the scene, I found peanut butter all over the floor, broken glass, and the lounge door ajar. It seems I didn’t secure the inner doors well, as of course monkeys can’t open doors.

Truth be told I had realized we were in for a fight. Monkeys, once they’ve had success, keep coming back.

So, this morning, I spent most of my time stashing away tempting morsels and then opened all the windows. My plan? If they don’t see any food, they might lose interest and move on.

Of course, that wouldn’t stop them from leaving some surprises, but I decided it’s better to clean up after them than feel trapped and endlessly frustrated while trying to chase them out.

This whole experience feels like a life lesson to me. No matter how well we plan and prepare, things can still go haywire, and the unexpected can throw us off course. None of us are perfect, and we all forget something as simple as closing a door sometimes.

This morning, three different monkeys visited my kitchen. They didn’t take anything, and, surprisingly, they left no bad odours behind.

Right now, this lesson feels quite fitting in my life.


  • go ahead, prepare as best you can.

  • Then, open up to life, embrace new opportunities, and

  • be ready to handle any hiccups that come your way.

After all, it’s better to deal with metaphorical “poop” than feel stuck. And who knows, maybe you won’t have to deal with it at all.

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