Blog:  Blog Moments

This morning I had another blog moment.

For years I’ve been getting moments where something happens, and I think… this is something… I should write about it.  I never did.

During Covid I finally had no excuse. I had the space to let it happen and, mostly from the support of beloved husband Marius Swart, found the courage to write it down.

I’ll be going about my day and suddenly I get these moments where something happens, and I have an awareness. In that moment something suddenly clicks, and I feel like this is something I need to put out into the world.

This is an interesting (and fickle) process because as sharply as it happens it is also super easy to talk myself out of actually writing it down and posting the blog.

I tell myself things like:

  • “ The idea isn’t finished and I need to think about it some more”
  • “ Do I actually have something to say and if I do why would anyone read it?”
  • “What’s the point?”
  • “It’s so complicated because I not only have to get the story right but also design the correct picture for the website and get it posted… why bother?”

The funny part is that all the above are good questions. It could both discourage me so that I chicken out but could also challenge me to write a better story, it all depends where my head is at that moment and how strongly the message presses on me.

During my own Fulfilment coaching sessions my coach, Pieter de Villiers, constantly reminds us:

“Stop chewing bubblegum, get off the couch and do it”

It’s one of my most hated, favourite quotes.  It takes away all the fluff, excuses and noise and smacks you in the face.

So, I’ve said that I want to write a blog every 2 weeks.

And here is the beginning.

Expect more blog moments.

I’m still chewing bubblegum, this totally helps me process, but I’m definitely getting off the couch.